Knowledge Management
for Dental Practices

Capture, use and distribute solo and group practice information

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Keep your information safe and secure.  Unlimited document storage with custom folders.  All content is hashtagable and searchable.  Not stored in an empty box, but in dental office lifecycle processes. 

Contact information at your fingertips.  Names, company affiliations, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc all in one place.   Used for all vendors, consultants, employees and office contacts.

Display critical numbers, names and dates.  Leave sticky notes behind. Find passwords, provider numbers, account numbers, usernames, license and facilty numbers, due dates, etc.

The Problem

     Inaccessible information leads to:

  • Employee Dependency
  • Homemade Systems
  • Inefficiency in Operations
  • Decreased Profit
  • Poor Communication
  • Inability to Scale

The Solution


Stop wasting time digging through emails to find answers and attachements.  Avoid being bombarded with questions about passwords and vendors.  Clean up your digital storage.


Eliminate the rogue office.  Define how all locations can and should operate.  Eliminate homemade systems that are dependent on people.  Avoid the phrase,  “this is how we do it in this office.”


You can’t grow what you can’t manage.  What you can’t manage, you can’t improve.  What you don’t improve will never bring the returns you hope when it comes time to sell.

Group practices need an integration platform to unlock their value and current solutions are expensive.

Custom Intranet $5000+

IT Department - Hardware - Maintenance - Data Integrity - Software

In-house System $2500+

Multiple Applications - Printing - Employees - Time Waste - Security

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More Benefits


Dentavine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile versions that keep you flexible and secure.


Establish a winning process with specific task assignments. Work with your team at the admin and office level to manage your locations.

Document Management

Keep a record of all documents in one secure place. Share with team members and offices and gather signatures by text.

Custom Reports

Make your data work for you with limitless custom reports and creative dashboards. Get alerted on the information you care about.

Calendars & Deadlines

Know your deadlines. See them appear in your calendar automatically, so you’re always on top of things.


Dentavine integrates with a number of leading tools to help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.


About Us

DENTAVINE was grown organically out of need. New to the game and as owners of a group dental practice, we needed help managing information in our dental offices.  Lack of organization led to chaos and confusion that only increased with multiple offices.   We needed to leverage technology, work more as a team and find a way to store, share and access critical information.  We looked for solutions, and without an alternative, we began the creation story of Dentavine: Knowledge Management for the Dental Practice.


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Salt Lake City, UT 84106


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