Add a Practice

Dentistry is changing.

New dental offices are opening and group practices are consolidating.  Mergers and acquisitions will dominate into the next decade.  Teamwork, communication and collaboration make getting your second office or your tenth office possible.  Dentavines templated solution, Additional Office, captures, uses and shares all information and documents associated with this process.

Practice Acquisition

Buying a practice needs to be an informed process.  Knowing what to look for  and how to process that information requires a place to centralize and share critical information. 


Scratch starting a practice is a team project that requires coordination and communication.  Details like who, what when, where and how much need to be accessible anywhere at anytime.

What information do you need to capture, use and share in order to grow your organization and footprint?


Information such as banks, financial advisors, budgets, loan terms, documents, and overhead just to name a few can determine if another location is right for you.


Staffing positions, hours and schedules all need to be clearly defined. Trusted advisor contact information needs to be gathered and shared.


Legal documents need to be securely stored and accessible. Reminder dates and deadlines need to be established in order to open on schedule.

Scaling your group practice requires alignment that begins at conception and continues through to acquisition.  This process begins with the way knowledge is continually acquired and managed.