A Deeper Dive Into Your Assessment

Urgent Need

You are currently not compliant and your company data may be at risk.  This has the potential to cause major issues both in and out of the office.  The current state of the practice is not amenable to processing and incorporating new information.  Most CE ideas will be lost an unable to be incorporated.   Your employees are more concerned with the emergency situation and daily tasks that are right in front of them.   This scenario has the potential to  harm business operations and finances.  Access to information by any office employee may be dangerous. The practice is totally employee systems dependent.  Losing an employee may result in a decrease in production of 20% over the next year.  You may feel obligated to provide unwarranted raise requests because you can’t imagine your life without specific employees.   The efficiency level of the practice is low.  Things that should take a minute take five.  Employees work harder, not smarter, leading to turn over and decreased production.  In order to increase your office production and keep overhead low, you will need to increase the capacity of your current employees.  They may be busy but they may not be busy on the right things.

Improvement Opportunity

You may be partially complaint but security is an issue.  Transmitting critical data may be risky and without proper controls as employees may have more access to critical data than you want.  The practice is vulnerable in times of crisis such as a break in or a fire.  In general, information is not accessible.  As a result information is people depenedent.  You may be able to incorporate some new best practices or systems among some team members but others will be lost due to awareness and accessibility.  

The practice is primarily employee dependent.  You have a fragmented approach to information storage an the effect is felt in running your practice.  Some information is written and some resides in the employees minds.  Team members are mostly efficient in their respective roles but they tend to put the goal of increasing production behind other tasks.  They seem to work well independently but not necessarily as a group.  You have experienced growth in the office and want to reach the next level.  Aligning people and locations will be the challenge.

Good Foundation

Your information is secure, but access could be limited.  This can create issues when there is an immediate need and the person with access is not in the office.  This often leads to operational inefficiency.  New information is readily accepted and integrated, but may take some time and not all at once.   The implementation may be dependent on a person not on a system.  The practice less employee dependent but perhaps more doctor dependent.  The result is a bottleneck of access to critical information.  Doctors may be spending too much time on administratiion and not clinically producing.  This can lead to burnout but in general profit and efficiency are good.  This is the norm but exceptions make for frustrating moments.  For example,  lack of payment arrangements on a big case, insurance submittals or finding that vendor information that is only needed ever so often.  More alignment could be needed on an operational and organizational level.  There still may be some disconnect with vendors or centralized services.

Excellent Job

Your practice information is secure and accessible.  You are protected against information loss.  Your biggest concern will be proper management of new information as you grow.  Proper filing and labeling is important.  New information that is fully organized will be capable of integration.  CE ideas, new policies, and systems all have a place that is readily accessible and central.  The practice operates on systems that are not people dependent, either staff or doctor.  The doctor is not a bottleneck and as employees come and go there is no anticipated drop in operations and production. Employees are valued by their skills, hard work and profit is maximized because people are efficient in necessary administrative tasks and more focused on same day dentistry and treatment plan presentations.  Information is there to help not hinder.  You are aligned within the walls of your practice and with other locations (if applicable).  Your new level organization directly affects your practice value.  When you exit it is anticipated that your practice will perform to the same level as without you.