Loss of an Office Manager

Your office manager just handed you her two weeks notice.  Whether she has been with you 2 years or 25 years, her absence will affect how your practice is run and if your production stays steady over the next year.  While you were taking care of patients, she was taking care of the office.  She probably had little formal training but as your COO her knowledge holds the administrative success of your office. But where is that information?  Where is it stored? Or is it even written down?

A Second Office Location

As a moderately seasoned dentist your practice is thriving.  You have maximized your current facility and draw patients from a larger geographical region.  You open a second location on the other side of town and hire a young dental associate.  You quickly learn that running two offices is not the same as one.   You find yourself spending excessive time and effort at your second location.  You ask your office managers to work details out between locations but realize that they don’t have the same operational organization in place.

Dental Group Practice

You own and operate a true dental group practice.  Multiple locations means multiple people.  You recognize the need for standardization and the goal of alignment.  You recognize that operations are critical to scale.  You also realize that your group practice value is dependent on how replicable, manageable and efficient your offices are in YOUR absence.  You hire mid level managers to coordinate with your office managers and search for tools to help them organize and share information securely and efficiently. 

The Source of Truth for Your Team

Account Numbers

Dentavine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile version that keeps you flexible and secure.


Establish a winning process with specific task assignments. Work with administrators at the admin and office level to mange your locations.


Keep a record of all documents in one secure place. Share with team members and offices and gather signatures by text.

Employee Information

Make your data work for you with limitless custom reports and creative dashboard. Get alerted on the information you care about.

Dates & Deadlines

Know your deadlines. See them appear in your calendar automatically, so you’re always on top of things.

Office Policies

Dentavine integrates with a number of leading tools to help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.