From brokers to consultants, from dentists to to group practices, the power of dentavine and the organization it creates is real.  Here are some of the reactions of Dentavine with the dental community.

David Braddy

With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, David has spent years developing strategies that work, that are both aligned with business ideals and customizable to each office. I have been the coach, and I have been coached.

Corey Plaster, DDS

As a practicing dentist for 20 years Dr. Plaster has experienced a lot in dentistry.  Listen to his experience of losing his key office manger due to a tragic accident.


Praze is a leading Dental Trust Management™ software company based in southern California. They are focused on helping dentists gain long-term trust so they can grow exponentially.

Sean Robertson, DDS

Dr. Robertson is a founding partner of The Dental Broker Team.  Beyond the scope of appraising and selling practices, he has worked hard to establish solid relationships with major Canadian banks with  whom he has developed appraisal formulas.  Because of his reputation and his grounded research based approach to valuation, he has been called upon by the major Canadian banks to consult on trends, predictions, and perspectives in the dental practice marketplace.