Manage Your Practice

74% of office managers report needing more access to information

Office Management is central to production and patient care.  Unfortunately the majority of management takes people away from the two most important responsibilities of the front desk, namely presenting and scheduling treatment.  Dentavine increases employee efficiency, gives them access to get the job done faster and effectively.

Office Based......

Information is stored on a per office basis.  Each office is treated like a project allowing you to add appropriate in-office and out-of-office team members giving them access to critical data.


Descriptive Sections...

Sections partition information.  Communication, documents, contacts, goals, compliance and much more has a uniform place to go.

Informative Fields...

Fields are places for information to be inputted and disaplayed.  Critcial numbers, passwords, documents, etc. can easlily be dispalyed for team members to use.

Structure dependent, not people dependent.

Employees thrive in a structured system that provides information when they need it.  It allows them time to leave consuming homemade tracking and storage information systems behind.  Uniformity in these systems across locations is key to the elimination of chaos.  Depend on your employees for excellent patient care not as a silo of information. 



  • Personality Tests
  • Emergency Info
  • Credentialing Dates
  • Raise Requests
  • References
  • Potential Employees
  • CAQH Passwords
  • Completed CE
  • Staff Performance
  • Training Records
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary Dates


  • Alarm Codes
  • Voice Mail Passwords
  • Office Culture
  • KPI’s
  • Goals
  • Phone Number
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Tasks
  • Team Members
  • Facility Repairs
  • Incident Reports


  • Company Property
  • Lock Box Codes
  • Equipment Logs
  • Sterilization Reports
  • Computer Passwords
  • Equipment List
  • Serial Numbers
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Purchase Prices
  • SDS Sheets


  • Permit Dates
  • Renewal Dates
  • Business License
  • NEA ID
  • Tax ID
  • Account Numbers
  • Social Media Info
  • Dental Coaching
  • Vendor Contact Info
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mission, Vision and Values
"A very useful tool for administrative staff, keeps all info in one place."
Ruddy McKennon, DDS
West Plains Dental
"A revolutionary product, mind blown. Consider this for each office."
Dan Linford, DDS
Burg Dental
"This is truly a blue ocean product, something every office should have."
Vance Taylor
Vyne Dental