Q and A

What is wiki?  Wiki is collective information that is shared and used among a group of people.

What impact does knowledge management (KM) have on solo dental offices?  Solo practices use Dentavine as the tool to capture, use and share information.  It helps to centralize important information that runs the dental practice operations.  The result is systems dependency not people dependency.

What impact does knowledge management (KM) have on group practices?  Group practices increase in direction, alignment, communication and collaboration.  Reproducibility and scalability increase with  Dentavine use.

Is Dentavine a PMS?  No. Dentavine does not manage patient charts, records or treatment plans.  It does NOT replace your existing PMS.

Is Dentavine an analytics company?  No.  Dentavine does not procure, aggregate and display practice management data and numbers.

What templated solutions does Dentavine offer?  Dentavine offers three templated solutions:  Office Management, Additional Office and Office Sale projects.

What custom solutions does Dentavine offer?  Dentavine offers two custom solutions.  Fist we will modify existing templated solutions or second we will build a custom solution to suite your needs.  Cost is determined in advance by scope and complexity of work.

Do I need custom options?  Custom options are primarily for larger group practices and specilaty practices.

What is the onboarding process?  The onboarding process involves identification of current sources of information, extraction of that information and establishing Dentavine as the source of truth.

Is there a contract with Dentavine? No.  Your agreement with Dentavine is month to month.  We require a 30 day advanced cancellation notice.

Who in the organization would use Dentavine?  Administrative personnel, office managers, mid level managers, C- Suite members, marketing personnel, etc.

Any additional fees?  Custom options do have a set up fee.  Out side of that the total cost is $299 per office per month. 

Are there any storage limits?  No.  Cloud storage in Dentavine is unlimited. 

Who is considered a user?  Anyone with FULL access to Dentavine.  Full access allows access to documents, calendar events, share links, texting, activity feed conversations, etc.

Can non users join Dentavine?  Yes. Non paid users can be a part of Dentavine for specific functions as guests.  

Is product support available? Yes.  We have support personnel. 

Is Dentavine HIPAA compliant?  Absolutely.

How secure is Dentavine?  Very.  Dentavine was created specifically to house legal and medical information in the cloud.

Does Dentavine integrate with any PMS?  Not at this time but that in the works.  We also hope to integrate soon with practice management, patient communication, patient engagement, dental analytic and other cloud based services.

How was Dentavine created?  By dentists for dentists. Between the two of us we have owned or operated out of  30 plus locations.  We have combined experience of over 40 years treating patients and first hand experience managing of dental offices.