What is Knowledge Management?

In the simplest terms dental knowledge is the information that is used to run a successful dental practice.  Management of this knowledge involves creating, gathering, displaying, using and sharing this sensitive information in an efficient and effective manner.  When done correctly it allows team members access and power to do their job. 

The dental office and group practices have entered the modern age and now face an influx of information.  We now have multiple DENTAL KNOWLEDGE SOURCES. Marketing , analytics, state licensing boards, vendors and your very own PMS, your employees, just to name a few, all produce and distribute valuable information that needs to be captured, and used effectively.  Your very own office staff produces intel that is critical.  The fact is we are moving away from paper SOPS, operational manuals and even employee based knowledge to operate the dental practice.  We need an affordable solution, specific to dental.  One that is simple, secure and user friendly.

Whether you are a solo office or a 200+ location DSO your team needs information at their fingertips to run your practice or organization and focus more on production and patient care.