What’s the DEO?

What Does The DEO Do?

The DEO provides an agnostic, neutral community for those dentists and executives looking to fulfill a vision and grow their dental groups / DSO’s (Dentist Support Organizations) in one way or another. “Growth” includes, but is not limited to: more locations, more revenue, more staff, more impact, all of the above, etc.

Who Does The DEO Help?

The folks who receive the most benefit from the community are those dentists, executives, and key leaders aspiring to grow themselves, their team, and their business.  To best help the community, we draw from a wide range of faculty, partners, and key leaders in the dental industry to create a powerful support network around all DEO Members.

How Can You Connect?

There are two main ways to connect with the DEO.  First, is our industry-famous “DEO Summits”.  Check our website to see a list of upcoming events. Secondly, DEO Membership is available to dentist entrepreneurs and executives

The History

The DEO is officially rooted 5+ years ago as “The Mastery Company” with Dr. Marc Cooper. Dr. Cooper was working with a handful of multiple-location dentists and saw that that emerging group was where the future was. Jacob Puhl, co-founder of, noticed the same trend. The two met, discovered they had the same vision for the future of how to best serve the industry, and the DEO was formed.

Our Values

Members of the DEO highly value collaboration and the power of a community of like-minded dentist entrepreneurs. We truly believe ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’, and the best way to grow your dental group or DSO is through learning from peers and avoiding the pitfalls of those before you.


Growing – Our team and community are constantly seeking growth. We aspire to make ourselves, our teams, and our businesses better than yesterday.

Grateful – Our team and community are grateful. We focus on what we have, not on what we don’t.

Generous – Our team and community are generous. In growing ourselves, our teams, and our businesses, we are excited and willing to share what we learn along the way.

Humble – Our team and community are humble. We are willing to ask for help and are more interested in what’s right rather than being right.

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